Service and Inspections

Fire sprinkler systems are designed to do one thing: save lives!

Contrary to popular belief, a fire sprinkler system is not designed to extinguish fires. They are designed to contain fires for a long enough period of time to allow the local fire department to arrive on scene and extinguish the fire through traditional fire fighting methods.


The ability of your sprinkler system to contain a fire depends upon its integrity and the working order of the system. The only way to keep a fire sprinkler system in working order is to perform routine inspections as mandated by the Nation Fire Protection Authority, your state's Fire Marshall, and your local Authority Having Jurisdiction.


N.F.P.A. 25 is a codebook written specifically to discuss the various types of fire sprinkler inspections that are currently performed by state licensed fire protection companies. There are several types of inspections that need to be performed.



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The requirements from NFPA 25 require many inspections to be performed at many different time intervals. American Fire Protection has a full staff of dedicated full‐time inspectors certified by NICET as required by many jurisdictions. Many insurance underwriters, local authorities having jurisdiction, and corporate life safety departments require documentation and contracts to provide properties with all required inspections from various standards. American Fire currently holds many accounts with multiple properties and has capabilities to provide:



Operational testing and final acceptance testing is an integral part of a functioning fire protection system. Here at American Fire, we pride ourselves on the qualified staff in our ITM department to provide a verified high quality finished product to protect our customer’s properties. With years of experience in every aspect of the many fire protection systems testing, American Fire can provide an operational system.



Conditions change when your fire protection contractor completes your fire protection system. Sometimes these changing conditions require professionals to make changes to your system to remain code‐compliant. Our professional staff is fully capable of correcting any issues that arise from inspections from our technicians or other authorities having jurisdiction.


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